Pakistan Reclaims No. 1 Spot In ICC ODI Rankings

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Pakistan has risen to the no 1 position in the ICC men's ODI rankings following a clean sweep against Afghanistan in a three-match series in Srilanka. 

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Before the series kicked off, Pakistan held a second spot with a rating of 116, trailing Australia by just two points. 

However, Pakistan's impressive 3-0 triumph against Afghanistan propelled Pakistan to the zenith of ranking with a 118 rating. Positioning Pakistan ahead of Australia in terms of points.

This marks the second occasion this year that Pakistan gained a top-ranking position in the ODI. 

The first instance was after they clinched victory in the initial four matches of a five-match series against New Zealand in May. 

Unfortunately, they stumbled in the fifth and final match against New Zealand allowing Australia to regain their leading position. 

Looking ahead Pakistan is gearing up for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023

Pakistan's inaugural match in Asia Cup 2023 is scheduled against Nepal in Multan on August 30th. 

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